Ahoj animation artists, thank you for landing on our registration page.

We are assembling a team for a new AAA game that continues a famous legacy title. Finally, we have been given a GO to hire Maya animators and train you in working with motion capture workflows, technology, and Motion Builder if you want to enter the AAA game scene. On top of this, you will have the opportunity to work with motion capture technology and tech teams to deliver stunning performances and action into the game.

THREE BOHEMIANS have been servicing AAA games for several years. One huge challenge is to find Motion Builder animators who are also skilled in solid character animation principles, details, and polishing. (MoBu animators alone also tend to lose animation skills over time; that’s our experience) Game studios use MoBu as a tool in motion capture pipelines. This limits the potential talent pool and skills of authentic character animators to join AAA projects. Since most professional animators have worked in Maya for years, we have managed. Still, we finally got approval to bring Maya animators who have not worked on AAA games or with MoBu. Yet, they want to enter the big world of AAA games with their sensitivities to detail and quality, which motion capture does not have – props, hands, faces, polishing, beautiful arcs, timing, etc. Consider motion capture as your blocking pass with approved performance, and now you need to give it high-end quality details and polish. That’s the key difference to hand-key animation. Plus, a chance to work with optical motion capture technology


You can live in Prague or work remotely from home IF you live in a European timezone. Professionals outside Europe must relocate to Prague to be able to work in our time zone.

Must be ready to travel to Prague for several weeks to get to know the team, studio, and Motion Builder. This is critical for long-term collaboration, and your participation starts ON-SITE.


We’re looking to fill positions in 5 senior positions. By senior we mean demonstrated skills in your reel that are above average (no juniors). It’s ideal if your experience has been in a professional feature film.

  • READY TO START IN JANUARY 2024 – if not possible, and you still want to commit to long term, state your most immediate availability and range in number of months. You can also start sooner than January if possible.
  • LOCATION – HYBRID IN EUROPE – IN PRAGUE FOR THOSE OUTSIDE EUROPE. You can work from home and communicate with the studio only if you live in a European time zone. If you are from outside of Europe, you will need to relocate to Prague.
  • SALARY – MONTHLY – The job is long-term; if passed, a minimum of 5 months is expected—longer term up to a year.
  • ANIMATION TOOL – MAYA, MOBU, and, if you know, UNREAL is a huge plus.