Antonín Pražáček


    About project

    On the basis of a joint workshop with Prague Institute of Planning and Development, the 3BOHEMIANS creative team has drawn up a proposed concept of communication of specific themes to target groups, specifically the citizens of Prague.

    The concept is built on a story-based approach focused on a mascot named Antonín Pražáček. The main advantage of employing a mascot for communication is individuality and emphasis on story.

    It is possible to use the mascot in various communication formats and to develop it further with a view to stories on selected themes. The format of short animated spots is particularly suitable.

    Animation brings to communication humour, hyperbole and, in the form of main character Antonín, also an artistic dimension that functions as visual identity. The more episodes via which the city communicates using the mascot, the more it will develop and reinforce awareness of Antonín as a mascot.

    Themes – various issues and situations linked to development of the city – will be presented in short spots that will bring the meaning and objectives of the metropolitan plan closer to citizens and other target groups.

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    At a glance

    David Toušek
    web series
    Hlavní město Praha
    4 team size
    8 weeks


    From the joint workshop on the use of 3D animation to communicate urban planning topics with the public, the animated figure of a mascot – Pražáček, a creature living in a letenese pendulum, can solve a variety of situations that can be seen in urban life. Several model scenarios were also created. At the same time, the workshop enabled us to grasp the phenomenon ofanimation. In the future, we would like to tryto shoot a pilot spot.