Sarah & Golem

Short Film

    About the project

    Sarah & Golem (working title) is a new film/tv series project in development who quickly became our new passion. Anthony Wong from PIXAR became the director and we have moved slowly but surely to the point of having our story figured out in a format of an animatic, already.


    The story of Sarah & Golem introduces Golem as an akward manmade creature who’s only purpose to fight and protect goes wrong in surprise of the creator, legendary Rabbi Loew himself, who quickly learns that Golem is fearful and sensitive instead. Yet he is very quick to get attached to Sarah, a 9 year old daughter of Rabbi, who’s sense of humour and playfulness is so natural to Golem.

    The film will explore these relationships on an emotional, dramatic and humorous levels using the legendary story of Golem only as a launching pad for developing the relationships much further emotionally to show values of a family under pressure of the history.


    The project will become our unique opportunity to combine CG characters with wooden stop-motion sets. This is not a new hybrid technique, has been done by other productions already and successfully, but in our region of Central Europe, this is very new and exciting opportunity to merge the traditional past with modern, which will help us emulate the best artistic and professional benefits from both worlds, not to mention that we don’t hide our motivation to help resurrect Czech animation tradition via close collaboration with one of the few but best stop motion studios ZDAR, who has been making assets for stop motion films since 1982 and under such legendary animators and directors as Jiří Trnka himself.