We also share knowledge and experience, by providing a professional training called ANOMALIA.

Since 2008 it has become a skill boost to more than 800 animators, storytellers, character designers and technical developers.

Under personal mentoring of professionals from top animation studios as Pixar/Disney, Dreamworks, Valve, Blue Sky or Aardman etc., participants from around the globe master their craft in a very dedicated and intensive environment, learn team collaboration, and establishing professional network and community.

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What our mentors say

I honestly feel like Anomalia was the best educational experience I have ever had, and one of the most inspiring two weeks of my career.

Jason Schleifer | animation director at DreamWorks

You’ve created a wealth of peers and colleagues over the last several years – students who will not forget where they began, teachers and professionals who respect and appreciate your vision.  I have learnt so much myself, meeting great folks and being inspired everyday.  It was my first major teaching experience, but it opened my eyes to a world I really enjoyed.  I’ll never forget it!

Neil Helm | animator at PIXAR

I have not seen the likes a program like this anywhere that I’ve taught.  The success, quality of work along with the comradery of people you brought together from all over the world is unparalleled to any other.

Mike Belzer | animator at VALVE

I am very proud of our animation team and hope our paths will cross again.  I love every aspects of the experience, including the frustrating times. I love teaching at your program.

Anthony Wong | animator at PIXAR