Short Film

    About project

    Another collaboration of 3BOHEMIANS, Keith Lango, ANOMALIA animators and STEINREGEN DUBSYSTEM to produce an animation style and technique that is production cost effective and artists friendly so the animators can focus on performance and collaboration with a director the most thanks to avoiding laborious tasks such as drawing in 2D or super detailed polish in 3D. The technique uses the best from 2D and 3D worlds to achieve the results and workflow.

    Film website at www.poutnikfilm.com



    A mystical creature is born into the rough & tumble city. Through a chance meeting he is drawn out into the wild to find a community and a home he never knew that he was missing.

    Director's Statement

    Poutnik (Czech for “Pilgrim”) is a story that has haunted me for years and I’m thrilled to have had the chance to assemble such a talented team of artists from around the world to bring it to life. This project was produced primarily in the Czech Republic with sound design and music done in Germany, principle photography and editing done in and around the Seattle Washington, USA region– all of which makes Poutnik a truly international story. A film without dialog, it crosses cultural borders and it speaks to a deep longing in each of us to find our people and our place in life.

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    At a glance

    Keith Lango
    CGI and live-action
    Animation director
    Keith Lango
    11 minutes
    3BOHEMIANS and z76films
    44 Team size
    22 Animators
    2 Weeks of animating