Kofola Jupík


    About project

    In close collaboration with Symbio Digital, a dynamic Czech digital agency, we produced this crazy animated clip featuring 4 animal characters eager to get out of their supermarket cave and have fun with other animals.

    The production was very intense, with tight schedule and high expectations. Thanks to detailed planning and organization we managed to deliver the product in time. To succeed, we needed careful production planning and a team of great artists to share the work


    4 characters living in a supermarket are eager to get out where others are having fun on a roller coaster in the fun park. But they don’t know how to get out. So they try several times but the attempt always fails. The last chance that occurs to them is to jump on the bottles of Jupík and become the label animals so when people buy the bottles, they can get finally outside too.

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    At a glance

    Václav Krbůšek
    Animation director
    David Toušek
    TV ad
    25s +
    Punk Film
    Team size
    4 riggers, 3 CG artists, 1 compositor
    3 character animators
    Weeks of production
    8 weeks after completing the development stage (storyboard, animatics, character design)


    Working on an animated, 3D TVC was a challenge for SYMBIO and for me personally. As a creative internet agency, we needed to find a partner to help us with the overall setup of the project flow but mainly with 3D execution work. With 3BOHEMIANS, we managed to create a commercial which surpassed not only our but the client´s expectations as well. Thanks to a personal approach of both sides, we managed to finish this extensive project in a short time. I look forward to future cooperation with 3BOHEMIANS. 

    Jan Pažin, producer, Symbio agency

    The guys from 3BOHEMIANS can master an animation project (3D animation) in high quality in a very short time if necessary.  They propose proper technological processes and planning and draw attention to restrictions soon enough in order to respect the financial limits of the project so that it can be maintained at a desired quality and style. I was impressed by their “passionate approach”, without which other productions usually produce only average results.

    Jiří Beránek, project manager, Punk Film